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Robotics and Robocup


Club time: To be confirmed in 2023

Robotics is an extracurricular club run at Newtown Public School which is open to all students from Kindergarten to Year 6. In Robotics, students build and program a range of robots, including Beebots, Edisons, and EV3s. Students are provided with opportunities to think like robotics engineers, and create solutions to problems using programming software on the robots or iPads. Through coding, students are encouraged to develop their critical thinking, problem solving, and collaborative skills.


Club time: To be confirmed in 2023

Robocup is an extension program stemming from Robotics for Stage 3 students, where students work in groups to program EV3 robots to meet set tasks. The goal of Robocup is to prepare students for the NSW Robocup Junior competition. Students are nominated for the Robocup program by teachers, by demonstrating the following criteria in Robotics and their learning in general.

  • Ability to attend to a task for an extended period of time
  • Capacity to problem solve mathematical and scientific challenges
  • Demonstrated ability to work as a team and willingness to share and take on constructive feedback
  • Regular attendance, demonstrating commitment to growth in the area of robotics