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Student leadership

Our student leadership initiatives at Newtown Public School are structured into a Student Parliament, which is modeled on Australia's Parliamentary systems of government. The design provides authentic opportunities for students to develop their leadership and teamwork skills, while helping our school and broader community continue to thrive.

Department, Ministers and Assistant Ministers

  • Every Department is led by a Year 6 Minister and Assistant Minister (and a teacher).
  • Year 6 Ministers are elected by application and vote in Term 4 every year
  • Assistant Ministers will be elected at the beginnig of the followig year in Term 1 from within each Department. Assistant Miisters can be in Years 4-6.

Student Parliament

  • Parliament sits once a term.
  • Parliament consists of the Ministers, Assistant Ministers and Student Representative Council (SRC) class representatives
  • Parliament is where ideas are debated and decisions are made about Department initiatives.

Newtown Public School Parliament and its Departments

Read more about Departments here

Success Cristeria of a Minister

I can...

  • Persist
  • Listen with understanding and empathy
  • Question and pose problems
  • Think flexibly
  • Think and communicate with clarity and precision
  • Imagine, create and innovate
  • Collaborate effectively in a team

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