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Activities program


As part of the Australian Government’s National Quality Framework, NKC’s program is guided by the national My Time, Our Place curriculum. The program aims to provide leisure and play-based activities that respond to children’s needs, interests, and choices.

Our programmed activities encompass a broad theme, changing every term. Previous program themes have included Around the World, Sustainability and Conservation, The 7 Senses, and All Creatures Great and Small. Each week consists of games, arts, crafts, STEM, cooking and research activities inspired by the weekly subtheme. Children have the opportunity to participate in a range of organised activities as well as free play. We like to think of NKC as a big backyard!

We regularly engage outside providers to enrich our program by offering the children a chance to learn a specialised skill or activity. Past activities have included acrobatics, skate boarding, circus skills, martial arts, cartoon workshops and Kids Giving Back sessions. The cost of these extra activities is free to families and absorbed by NKC.

Each week a written program outlining the activities for the week will be on display on the whiteboard on our veranda. A copy is also included in our weekly newsletter. Educators regularly seek feedback from children and families to provide an exciting and challenging program. We ask that you make note of any ideas, suggestions or feedback and let us know via email


We provide a varied range of nutritious food at NKC. Breakfast consists of cereal, toast, cheese melts, fruit and yoghurt treats like Banana Splits and Milo also make an occasional appearance! 

Afternoon tea consists of sandwiches with spreads, fruit platters, vegie sticks and rice crackers. Every afternoon we have a “special”, ranging from sushi and pasta bake to spanakopita and tacos. Full bellies are happy bellies! Children are regularly invited to contribute ideas and favourites to our menu.