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Parents and citizens' association

Newtown Public School enjoys the support of an active parent and community network.

The parents and citizens' association (P&C) is a school-based organisation consisting of parents, teachers and interested citizens.

Aim of the parents and citizens' association

The Newtown Public School P&C association seeks to provide an open and inclusive environment where parents and members of the community can:

  • Have the opportunity to learn about the school's policies and programs and have input into shaping these policies and programs.
  • Support the school executive and teaching staff.
  • Discuss ways in which to promote the interests of the school and its students in the wider community.
  • Raise additional funds to facilitate extra resources for the school.
  • Promote and facilitate social events for the school community.

2021-2024 P&C Strategy

The P&C have crafted a planning document that aligns with the strategic directions of Newtown Public School over the 2021-2024 period. The 2021-2024 P&C Strategy on a Page (SoaP) outlines 4 key strategic areas over this time:

  • Community
  • Partners in Learning
  • Fundraising
  • Sustainability

Events and activities will be developed to reflect these focus areas as we continue to support our school, our students and our community to present the best possible learning environment for our children. You can view SOAP here.

Meetings & Membership

P&C meetings are a forum for parents and citizens to contribute and discuss issues that relate to the school in an environment of respect and focus on best outcomes for our school, students and the community.

There is a standing open invitation to the entire school community, where we actively encourage everyone to attend. It is a great way to find out first hand what is happening around the school.

The P&C meet on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:15 to 7:30pm. Currently, meetings take place in the school library with an option to connect online via Zoom. Details can be found on the Events page of this website. Reminders of these meetings on this website's calendar.

The P&C functions best when supported by a sizeable number of members of the community. You do not have to be a member to attend meetings. The P&C encourages all parents and members of the community to come to the meetings to hear about activities at the school, the Principal's report, ideas for future fundraising and to learn a bit more about the behind the scene activities being held at Newtown Public school.


Parents, carers and citizens have to become a financial member of the P&C in order to vote at meetings. Membership is by gold coin donation and entitles the person to vote at meetings. Join us by completing an online membership form.

Membership forms can be scanned and emailed to or placed in the P&C mailbox near the school office.

P&C executive

Each year, parents and carers contribute to our school community through involvement in our P&C.  At our upcoming annual general meeting P&C members will elect the following year's P&C executive. If you would like to nominate someone you know, or yourself, please complete the nomination form (PDF 211KB), and either bring it with you to the next meeting, email it to 

Working groups

Working groups are formed by P&C to undertake specific planning and/or manage tasks on behalf of the association. Working groups are categorised as either an ad hoc or a standing working group.

Ad hoc working groups are formed to carry out specific tasks and cease to exist after these tasks have been completed. An example of an ad hoc working group was the uniform working group set up, to investigate changes to the current uniform.

Standing working groups have an ongoing role and are elected annually at, or confirmed by, the P&C annual general meeting, for example, the fundraising working group.

Working groups have delegated authority and are fully accountable to the P&C. Each working groups must operate within the rules set for it by the P&C. Sometimes a working group may write its own rules but these must be properly endorsed by the P&C before the working group begins its work.

We have several working groups run by dedicated parents. These groups always welcome new parent volunteers.