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The NSW Department of Education Wellbeing Framework is a statement of what is valued as excellence in student wellbeing in NSW Public Schools.

At Newtown Public School, we target areas of the curriculum and whole school programming to embed practices that actively and explicitly promote and support the wellbeing of our students, our staff and our school community as a whole.

Our Wellbeing Framework and positive education initiatives (as listed below) encourage students to Connect, Succeed and Thrive in their pursuits, both at school and beyond.

Read more about our Newtown Public School Wellbeing Framework in our policy document.

Grow Your Mind

Is an engaging, evidence-based positive mental health education program and is a major part of our wellbeing initiatives at NPS.

The aim of the program is for all students, teachers and parents to know the positive strategies they can use to nurture and protect their mental health outcomes now and later in life. Learn more here.

Growth Mindset

We work with students on developing their strength of perseverance. Our students know that ability is not fixed and through hard work and focus they can improve in every area of learning. By praising effort rather than ability promotes growth in effort and perseverance in our students.